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  • China Garden

  • 3.0 stars
    (1 review, average rating: 1.0/5)
  • Cuisines: Chinese, Szechuan
  • (902) 566-3222
  • 96 Queen St Charlottetown, PE C1A 4B1
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$$ ($11-$25)
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1 Review
  • Very rude, disrespectful and no customer skills
  • Overall
    1.0 star
    • Food
      1.0 star
    • Services
      1.0 star
    • Atmosphere
      1.0 star
    • Price Range (per person): $11-$25
    • Visit Again?: No
    • Party Size: 2
  • The worst customer service experience of my life. I ordered take out over the phone. I went and picked it up and when I took it out at home I realized they left out 5 egg rolls. I also noticed they didn't even write it down on my order.
    I drove back and told them about it. The guy at the cash said to a waitress. "Hey, go tell the kitchen to give him 5 egg rolls, you messed up his order". No apology. I said "Remember I said add 5 extra eggrolls?" She acknowledged but still no apology.
    I did not see her again. 15 minutes later an older lady (I'm assuming manager or owner) comes out with my 5 egg rolls and motions me toward the cash. I took the bag and went to leave, she said "you must pay".
    I was shocked "Really? The rest of my meal, which I already payed $48 plus tip for, is sitting at home getting cold for the last 30 minutes while I drive back her and wait an abnormal amount of time for my egg rolls and you want your $5?"
    Her response it "You did not pay, we forgot to charge you"
    I argued with this very rude and socially ignorant person for one more minute before I gave up and just said "Forget it. This is ridiculous. Keep your egg rolls." and left without my egg rolls.
    Again... still absolutely no apology for their mistake and my inconvenience from all 3 of these people who have no place in the hospitality industry. I told some friends about the experience and one of them told me about the time they were served moldy chicken balls there, and when they didn't eat them and refused to pay for the chicken ball, the manager threatened to call the police on them. What?! This place is a social disaster. They should be shut down.

  • Order: #1 for 3 and five extra egg roll. But that's not what they gave me.
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