Budapest Restaurant

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    • Cuisine: Hungarian
    • 3314 Monroe St
    • Toledo, OH 43606
    • 419-241-1513
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  • We Have Gone To The Budapest For A Long
  • Review by Michael Goetting on 05/04/07.
  • 10 diners, 41 to 60 years old, $5 - $24 per person, Visit again? Yes
  • OrderBreaded Veal with speaetzle noodles and gravy, salad with sweet and sour dressing, apple strudel
  • ReviewWe have gone to the Budapest for a long, long time. It is a special favorite and is often chosen for birthday dinners and other special occasions. The breaded veal is a favorite with most of us, and the desserts are the best. Portion size is generous. The spaetzle noodles and gravy are the standard by which others are judged. A recent change in ownership, due to the death of the previous owner, did not detract from the quality of the food; in fact, the breaded veal is even better now.
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