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  • SnauBar Lebanese Cuisine

  • 4.0 stars
    (2 reviews, average rating: 5.0/5)
  • Cuisines: Lebanese, Middle Eastern
  • (902) 406-8555
  • 1535 Dresden Row Halifax, NS B3J 3T1
  • Neighbourhoods: Downtown
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Price range
$$$ ($26-$60)
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1 Review
  • An unexpected delight...
  • Overall
    5.0 stars
    • Food
      5.0 stars
    • Services
      5.0 stars
    • Atmosphere
      4.0 stars
    • Price Range (per person): $26-$60
    • Visit Again?: Yes
    • Party Size: 2
  • Both my wife and I are lovers of Mediterranean cuisine. I've been over in that neck of the woods in the service, so I've gotten to try it locally, so to speak. We were both disappointed when Anatolia closed, but on the strength of some word-of-mouth and, admittedly, another review, decided to give SnauBar a try.
    Initially, the decor gave me some misgivings- very modern, not much "Arabian Nights" feeling. But the friendly service had us at our ease quickly. We went with the mezza combination, and added lamb kebabs just as a single order, as we figured with our experience with mezza we'd be pretty full at the end of the evening.
    We were extremely surprised, both at the quality and the speed of service. The baba ghanoush was excellent, the hummus very mild and non-salty, and the Harra potatoes and Chicken Shawarma were absolutely magnificent. The lamb kebabs, coming at the end, were done just right- not that we had room for much at that point.
    Service was very friendly, and we were able to compliment both the owner and the chef. (it was a quiet night.) The feeling was not so much one of dealing with staff but one of meeting people you know will be friends for the first time.
    Hopefully, there will be others....

  • Order: Mezza combination for 2
1 Review 1 Helpful
  • night out at snaubar downtown
  • Overall
    5.0 stars
    • Food
      5.0 stars
    • Services
      5.0 stars
    • Atmosphere
      5.0 stars
    • Price Range (per person): $26-$60
    • Visit Again?: Yes
    • Party Size: 9 or more
  • The Best Experience we had.
    The polite server recommended to us to choose the snaubar value meal which was $29.00 per person and includes 6 appetizers followed by BBQ. The most delicious food kept on coming at the right time.
    We loved the atmosphere, the food and the great service we received that night.
    We will be back very soon.


  • Order: snaubar signature hospitality value meal for 10 and some of us had martinis and vino
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