Winnipeg Cafe Restaurants

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Winnipeg Restaurants

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Steve & Niki's Dairy King
The burgers are delicious. I live near Ottawa, but stop in and tuck...
Mercato Gelato Cafe
My fiancé and I walked down to Mercato to give their gelato a shot...
White Rock Cafe
It's a small (approx. 50 seater) cafe and was packed on the Saturday...
Underground Cafe
blah blah blah very good
Miriam F. Douglas
Stella's Cafe & Bakery
On my coworkers' recommendation, my fiancé and I strolled over to...
Dairy Maid
It's their third anniversary, and they offered us free cupcakes...
Desserts Plus
Dutch Maid Ice Cream
Exchange Cafe
San Remo Cafe
Results 1-10 of 71 Winnipeg Cafe restaurants

Winnipeg Cafe Restaurants
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