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  • The description above for the cuisine Pete's...
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  • The description above for the cuisine Pete's serves is wrong LOL. Very wrong. They don't serve Chinese or Asian cuisine. They serve good old fashioned American fare w/a Greek twist. Pete owns the majority of the eateries along Colfax; they're not easy to miss. Most of them mention something about Pete or Greek something in the name. Pete's has a wonderful selection of breakfast and lunch items. And yes, since it is Greek owned, you'll be able to find gyros (the favorite of regulars) & traditional Greek salads that come w/dolmades. I recommend ordering the Kitchen Greek Salad. They're open 24hrs & even Christmas. I know because I had breakfast there this past Christmas morning.

  • Order: Dean's Plate, Gyros Plate, Kitchen Greek Salad, Italian Sausage w/eggs, Philly Cheese Steak
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