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Denver Japanese Restaurants

Below is Restaurantica's index of full service Japanese restaurants located in Denver, Colorado. Each link will take you to an individual review page for each restaurant where you can read other reviews and post your own to help build our community.

So, what are you waiting for? Your guide to Denver Japanese restaurants has been served! Enjoy.

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Rank Cuisine Restaurant Name
0.0 Japanese Akebono Japanese Restaurant - 1255 19th St
0.0 Japanese Kikis Japanese Casual Dining - 2440 S Colorado Blvd
0.0 Japanese Kobe-An Japanese Restaurant - 85 S Union Blvd
0.0 Japanese Kokoro Restaurant - 2390 S Colorado Blvd
0.0 Japanese Mori Japanese Restaurant - 2019 Market St
0.0 Japanese Sushi Han Japanese Restaurant - 1512 Lawrence St
0.0 Japanese Tokyo Bowl - 2337 E Evans Ave
0.0 Japanese Tokyo Joe's - 1700 E Evans Ave
0.0 Japanese Tokyo San Japanese Bowl - 727 Colorado Blvd
0.0 Japanese Tokyo Teriyaki - 11455 Washington St Ste A