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$$$ ($26-$60)
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  • Best Sushi in Denver!!
  • Overall
    5.0 stars
    • Food
      5.0 stars
    • Services
      5.0 stars
    • Atmosphere
      5.0 stars
    • Price Range (per person): $26-$60
    • Visit Again?: Yes
    • Party Size: 2
  • Banzai Sushi has over 100 rolls, and each is a taste sensation that could be equated to a mouth orgasm. If you go to their website (, you can pull up a menu of their most requested rolls... and of course, you can always ask them to make special orders for you. We go there so often that we know the sushi chefs and servers by name! Be sure to order the sweet, spicy Tickle Me Thai roll.... yum!!! Prices range from about $5.50 per roll, to $12.00 for the Super Banzai (with all kinds of fish inside and out). An average price for a roll is about $7.50 to $8.00.... but they're the biggest rolls you've ever seen...some of them nearly 3 inches across. If you go... tell Ota, Kazu and Millie that Deb and Erica highly recommended this restaurant! Bon Appetit!

  • Order: 2 scallop hand rolls, Tickle Me Thai roll, various other rolls
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