• Don Francesco

  • 4.0 stars
    (1 review, average rating: 5.0/5)
  • Cuisines: Italian
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$$$ ($26-$60)
1 Review
  • Fine Italian in Vancouver
  • 5.0 stars
    • Food
      5.0 stars
    • Services
      5.0 stars
    • Atmosphere
      5.0 stars
    • Price Range (per person): $26-$60
    • Visit Again?: Yes
    • Party Size: 4
  • This is my measuring-stick for good food in Vancouver. This is my awesomeness in a meal.

    I've been here twice. Both times for my birthday. Both times the waiting staff were wonderful (even bringing out a birthday cake with my name on it), but even if they weren't, I'd come back here for the food.

    This place is an indulgence - bare that in mind - you're not here to skimp with a salad, you're here to try amazing game done RIGHT.

    I've had the venison, and I've had the wild boar. My mom has tried the game hen (so I had some) and I can't remember what else. It was so good that I honestly thought I should take it into a room and be alone with it, maybe buy it a drink and tell it how pretty it was before devouring it. Tender, succulent, rich, decadent - I don't think there are enough adjectives to describe how good the food is here, my tummy just growled because I'm writing this review instead of getting myself to DF's ASAP.

    Honestly - the place is romantic - it's awesome for a candlelit anniversary dinner. The food is stupendous, and the service is excellent.

    Now you see why they're my measuring stick, non?

  • Order: Venison, Wild Boar, Lobster Lasagna
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