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  • We recently moved to Surrey so we were excited...
  • 5.0 stars
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      5.0 stars
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    • Price Range (per person): $11-$25
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    • Party Size: 2
  • We recently moved to Surrey so we were excited when we heard about this restaurant in our area and thought we'd give it a try. Oddly, we saw some gift certificates for it at Holt. We paid about $75 for $100 in gift certificates, so it seemed like a great way to get a discount on dinner.

    Dinner was great - we took the advice of friends and both had tenderloin steak that came with amazing garlic mashed potatoes - yummmm!!! I had a fantastic martini on recommendation of our server - it was a sour apple. I find some restaurants have watered down martinis, but this one definitely wasn't - it was just perfect.

    Our service was just good. Not terrible, but certainly not close to downtown high-end restaurant quality the night we were there. Having said that... this isn't a downtown high end restaurant - so if you go in with the right expectations, its a great night out. We'll definitely be back... and if I see Holt gift certificates again, I'll be picking them up.

    You might want to ensure you make a reservation too.

  • Order: steak
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