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  • Cuisines: Other
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$$$ ($26-$60)
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  • Had lunch here on Sunday. We did go to...
  • 5.0 stars
    • Food
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    • Atmosphere
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    • Price Range (per person): $26-$60
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    • Party Size: 3
  • Had lunch here on Sunday. We did go to Milestone's first but there was a 30 minute wait, so drove to Earl's instead and no one waiting. Actually, there were only three other tables!
    luckily, the young girls trying to act older and trying to dress less - and I loved itl. (they were pretty girls, so it was decent when you're 16 trying to look like 25!)
    Our server was nice. Too overbearing at some points but pretty.
    It's always expensive at Earl's so the value is so-so. My bud and I shared a SMALL bowl of Clam Chowder ($8) and an even smaller pizza ($13). Our friend had a steak ($28) and a cheeseburger ($14). The french fries was a very scant amount and salty! The beer was good.
    When we walked in, there was a table on its side which seemed odd for a restaurant like Earl's. It could have been moved away so it made the restaurant look very cheap!
    OK food but overpriced and best thing is a place with young hot girls that open the front door for you.

  • Order: steak, burger, pizza beer etc
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