• Amorosa Pasta House

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  • Cuisines: Italian
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  • Oh My God what happened???
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    • Price Range (per person): $11-$25
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  • We just had the worst experience ever at one of our favorite restaurants. Amorosa in Burnaby has joined forces with Santali's to become one restaurant. We have frequented Amorosa's Italian food restaurant since they opened. We enjoyed every visit there immensely. Knowing that the same quality and service would be there for us everytime. We went tonight to find that Amorosa was now Amorosa -Santali. It was a special occasion our 33rd anniversary. We were seated and presented with both menus. The original one with all our Amorosa favorites and the Santali one with all the greedk choices. We ordered our wine and then continued as we ordered our favorite dishes. When the salad came. I realized it was not the same quality or taste that we had enjoyed on all our previous visits. Then the pasta came and it tasted AWFUL!!!! The alfredo sauce tasted like watered down milk and flour with no spices or taste and the tomato sauce was just as bad. It had absolutely no flavour or taste. We called the waitress over and let her know how dissapointed we were with our meal. We told her we knew it was not her fault but wanted her to let them know that it was not enjoyable at all. We asked her to take the food away after just tasting it. She then presented us with the bill. Now I didn't mind paying for the wine or the salad because we ate it but did however have a problem paying for the pasta that tasted so terrible. So we asked the waitress to see the manager. We were in the middle of a conversation with her when the owner of the restaurant came barreling out and started yelling at the top of his lungs. He said you don't yell at my waitress if you don't like the food send it back to the kitchen. I said we weren't yelling and yes we had sent it back to which he responded. If you don't like it F-----k off and get the hell out of my restaurant. All the patrons of that section of the restaurant were horrified by his disgraceful uncalled for behaviour. The manager came back and said please I can't take your money for the bill. She said I just don't know what to say. The other patrons around us were more than happy to give us their phone numbers so we can contact the better business bureau and other sites that we should let know. We will let everyone and everyplace we can think of know of our horrible experience. Such a shame that we can no longer enjoy a special occasion at Amorosa anymore. Not because of the ignorance of the owner but the quality of the food!!!

  • Order: white wine Santa Isabella,Insalata Caprese, tricolour pasta
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