About Restaurantica

Restaurantica is the hottest new restaurant guide and online community -- connecting diners dishing about their eating-out-adventures. Whether you're a savvy foodie or a casual diner, Restaurantica gives you what you want -- without having to mess with search engines or jump from site to site.

Welcome to the fastest (and most entertaining) way to find restaurants. Point and click for up-to-the-minute dining advice and pictures of what you may be ordering for your next restaurant meal.

Restaurantica is your...

  • Guide to finding the restaurants you're looking for
  • Connection to a community of real people sharing real experiences
  • Way to share your opinions and insights about the meals you eat at restaurants
  • Handbook of honest, passionate and engaging restaurant reviews where you live and where you travel

We've been giving local restaurants and their owners a chance to hear what their customers are saying at restaurants from Toronto to Orlando, Los Angeles to Anchorage and every town between. Think of us as your unfair advantage, best friend (with an appetite) and foodie-extraordinaire all rolled into one.

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