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  • My girlfriend and I decided to stop conforming to society by eating something very uncommon in modern Western society. Hence, we thought of pizza. My girlfriend has recently graduated from the Pizza Arts department from Mt Royal University. She is honestly amazing at the study of pizza, including the history one can histor a pizza, the fundamentals which fundaments a pizza, the cuttings in which the pizza can be cut and the toppings in which one can top a pizza. To say the least, she was very interested to meet Classic Pie, the Pizza King of Calgary. It was her decision, and I being her boyfriend partook in it as well, to find Classic Pie and to eat his Pizza Bob.

    When we entered the restaurant I was shocked to see this place was filled with people. I was honestly beyond shocked. Since when does modern society participate in the casual eating of pizza? Our waitress sat us at a table, I was beyond captivated by the table. It was round - like the shape of the pizza. It is clear that Classic Pie payed much attention to how he was to decorate the restaurant. Not only this, but the lights were white, like the color of a mushroom. The windows rectangular, like the shape of a tomato sauce packet. Breath taking. However, I was a bit in awe when looking at the menu. I could not find any Pizza Bobs on the menu. A Pizza Bob, similar to a Shish ka bob is a delicacy in which a pizza is enrolled in a stick, according to my girlfriend. When inquiring to my waitress about this issue, she declared that Bob was owner of the restaurant. I was rather angry with this remark, she indeed was trying to be a smart 4ss. My girlfriend at once demanded to meet Classic Pie to complain. The waitress uttered a grin and my girlfriend turned into a rare tomato sauce scarlet color. To calm her down, I ordered us a Cow Pie. The waitress, yet again, mustered a grin and proceeded to the kitchen. May I ask what kind of service this is? Can one not eat a cow pie in peace?

    I went to the bathroom to wash my hands. It was interesting because the toilets shined a rather white shine, as if they were cleaned in a nice ravioli sauce. It was extremely difficult to clean my hands in the bowl of water. However, I noticed that Classic Pie shaped his sinks into a bowl to remind his audience that life is deep. Deep in which we must embrace the life we live in and cherish the ones we love most, for we cannot take life for granted. I loved it.

    When I came back, our pies were set on the table. To be frank, I was a little intrigued by the pie. The pie was the same shape of our table with the lights shifting upon the pie. Wow, just breath-taking, sitting in the light. A heavenly brown garnished with parsley and yellow juice like sauce - I do believe it was sweet mustard sauce. I loved the way it resembled the waste of h0m0 sapien - wow. I ate it all in 10 minutes. A true delicacy. When my waitress came back, I commanded to meet this genius man named Classic Pie. Unfortunately, the waitress said he was not in. My girlfriend was extremely upset by the fact she could not meet the Historian who invented this ravishing Cow Pie. I swear he must resemble Steve Jobs.

    To conclude I will say that the service at this restaurant is complete rubbish, but the FOOD IS AMAZING! It's eye popping and unlike any other pizza bob you will taste. Please not of the furnishings in this restaurant, Classic Pie unlike most owners, pays attention to detail.

  • Order: Cow Pie
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